Friday, May 22, 2020


After four days of intense work and many meetings, the First Cinematographic Co-Production Forum of Central America and the Caribbean concluded:  IFF Panama Film Match Virtual.

The international producers and members of the jury, Diana Bustamante, Thierry Lenouvel and Inti Cordea, unanimously agreed to grant the following awards and recognitions to the participating projects of the IFF Panama Film Match co-production forum.

"By presenting in your project a story of a complex socio-economic reality, addressing a topic of great importance and common relevance in the Central American region, and reflecting in your proposal a valuable commitment, as well as outstanding creative and aesthetic values," the Jury declared in the deliberation act.

The jury decided to award the IFF Panama Film Match Award with ten thousand dollars (US $ 10,000) to the film documentary:

LOS ÚLTIMOS, by Álvaro Torres Crespo. Costa Rica

"Due to the relevance of its proposal, history and central character, ever than before, messages from the knowledge of our native peoples, they must be disseminated and promoted through cinematographic creation, as a message to ensure the future of humanity and conservation of our planet”.

The jury agreed to award the DocsMX award, to participate in its IB project laboratory platform, in October 2020 to the film documentary:

EL VIAJE DEL KOKODRIT, by Iván Jaripio. Panama

Additionally, "due to the quality of the proposal, both in its history and theme focused on the defense of the territory, the jury also decided to award a Special Mention" to the fiction feature film:

DOMINGO Y LA NIEBLA, by Ariel Escalante Meza. Costa Rica.

The juries from Colombia, France and Mexico, wrote a congratulatory note to all the projects participating in this First IFF Panama Film Match Co-production Forum, "we sincerely wish to see your films finished in the next editions of this Festival". 

The IFF Panama Foundation, thanks to the financing of the IDB Lab, thanks the participation and commitment of international experts in this first virtual forum, as well as the competing projects for their high quality, hoping that the contacts and relationships generated with producers, International programmers and distributors help build networks and drive your projects on the road to completion.

In this first edition of the IFF Panama Film Match we are all winners!